This step is determined by the number of plots you own, the section of the cemetery in which your plots are located and your cemetery's rules and regulations. Barre Memorials keeps up to date records of this information including restrictions for memorial stone sizing and can guide you in selecting the appropriate size memorial.

Single Memorials

The single memorial sizing is used to accommodate a single grave burial plot which normally will not exceed 2 feet in width. This size can also accommodate more than one name in the case of double depth burial and multiple cremations within a single burial plot. Below are the four styles of stones available to meet the single grave requirement.

Grass Markers

Grass markers are designed to be placed at the foot of the grave, flush to the ground.

Bevel Markers

Bevel markers are designed to be placed at either the head or the foot of the grave. They sit above the ground level and are slanted with the back being higher than the front so that the face of the stone slopes toward you.


Slants are designed as an economical headstone (sits at the head of the grave) and are usually 1'4'' in height. The face of the slant slopes toward you for easier lettering readability.

Upright Memorials

Upright single memorial stones are typically two pieces. The top piece (die) and the bottom piece (base) are usually no more that 3 or 4 feet in total height and sit at the head of the grave only.

Companion Memorials

Companion memorials are usually no more than 3-4 feet in width to accommodate two burial plots side by side.

Family Memorials

Family memorial sizing is only limited by the number of consecutive graves within your lot an may usually cover up to 60% of your lot size.

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Basic Flat Carvings

The outline of a basic flat carving is carved to a specified depth leaving the majority of the design flush to the surface of the stone. This method is the most common and economical option.

Shaped Carvings

Shaped carvings are also outlined carved but have a 3 dimensional detailing that brings life to flower petals, leaves and ivy.

Large Designs & Scenes

Usually spanning the width of the entire monument for more detailed imagery, this option includes ocean, forests, horizons, farms, and full nature designs.

Laser Etchings

Typically only performed on evenly grained black granite, laser etchings provide photo quality images including full scenes, portraits, religious figures and customer provided photographs.

Custom Art

With over 300,000 designs to choose from, Barre Memorials is sure to have something that meets your expectations. However, we also can provide custom artwork with professional assistance from our trained staff. We have transformed numerous logos, family crests, original sketches - even tattoos, into stone. If you can envision it, we can create it.

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Granite comes in a variety of natural colors from all over the world. Barre Memorials only offers color selection that are time tested and of memorial grade quality to ensure bold contrast and optimum durability.

Traditional Colors

Traditional colors are commonly domestic granites and are the most economical option. All starting pricing includes your choice of traditional memorial colors.

Barre Gray

This granite color is quarried in Barre, VT. This granite has a reputation as the finest quality offered in America.

Mountain Rose

This granite is quarried in Canada. This color, a rosy pink with quartz, sparkles in sunlight and is a popular economical alternative to Barre Gray.

Import Colors

Import colors are unique and beautiful. They are commonly more expensive mostly due to freight costs. In some cases, obtaining a memorial stone of this selection may add time to your order.


Impala Black

India Black

India Red

Bahama Blue




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There are many options available to you to further customize your memorial stone. Below are some of our most popular client requests.


Whether its a religious quotation, a line or two from a favorite book or poem, or something from the heart, adding a saying or epitaph to your memorial can be a special touch. Barre Memorials has a full library of sayings to choose from to help you in your selection.

Ceramic Photos

Ceramic photos are a popular add on to memorial stones for those visiting the cemetery to reflect fondly on a special memory or time cherished with your loved one. Available in many sizes, black/white or full color with some editing features such as cropping and background removal.


Typically made of bronze, plaques are available to either compliment a veteran's memorial or to fulfill cemetery regulations for bronze only sections. With some limitations, bronze plaques can be mounted to the back of an upright memorial headstone.

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